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EHFOlympia Mobile App - Only app you need to excel in global competitions.
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EHF Advantages

EHF is a registered International NGO promoted by leading educationists, corporate heads and media doyens. EHF is actively engaged in searching talented school students by reaching out to 4000 schools and 6 lakhs students annually.


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Why EHF Olympiads?

EHFOlympia Mobile App - Only app you need to excel in global competitions.

  • Get the extra edge when you get trained not only for EHF olympiads like NIMO, NISO, NSSO, IEO, BIFO, ... but also for other global competitions like Harvard-MIT maths tournament, Google Science fair.
  • Get the EHF advantage in your academics and career when you get the coveted EHF certificate [online as well as printed]. All successfull students (100%) get the coveted EHF certificate (useful during college admissions). Based on sponsorer certificate will carry logo of the iconic BSE-Bombay Stock Exchange (in case of BIFO) and the prestigious ISRO(in case of NSSO), making the certificate invaluable.
  • MULTI - TIER EXAMS TO IDENTIFY THE TOP TALENT - High standard of Exam Conducted in 10+ levels.
  • Global Exposure at reasonable cost.
  • Make learning FUN - Level 10+ acheivers get fabulous awards.
  • With all important exams going online - Get hands on experience with EHFOlympia app
  • Daily NEW questions
  • Test your IQ limits - EHFolympia is flexible and scalable-Take any subject from any class
  • Participate individually or through your school
  • In Hindi/other languages too